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  2. "One app download for every one thousand web views."

  3. Let’s not forget the beautiful people of Lebanon today.

  4. Tools for a better Windows command-line setup in the new #TotallyToolingTips 🔥🔧

  5. Animating an SVG Menu Icon with Segment | Codrops

  6. Excited to release—a site by me & @tameverts to make it easier to find info showing the importance of performance.

  7. Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC | Ars Technica

  8. The fact that ISIS are also killing Muslims is just extra proof of that.

  9. Responsive design for iOS apps please:

  10. Web Design & Development News: Collective #194 | Codrops

  11. How MPEG1 works, and decoding it with JS - great talk by @phoboslab, one of the best I saw this year

  12. A nice, fresh alternative to the "Fork me on GitHub" ribbons:

  13. The latest Edge release increases its ES6 adoption to 90% (84% w/o flags)

  14. How to maintain product UX consistency? @HannahCDesign shows how to employ atomic design in @sketchapp. AWESOME!

  15. What are skeleton screens you ask?

  16. Legofy your images with retina support using SVG.

  17. Dynamic/responsive SVG typography/lettering Source: h/t @zachleat

  18. Writing CSS on Growing Teams: a clear process will help your team write strong, modular CSS together.

  19. Performance is design. v @foobartel For more, read @lara_hogan's excellent book: #ffcph

  20. Segment is a small (<2kb) dependency-free JS library for animating #SVG paths (line drawing effects) by @lmgonzalves

  21. Check out this little nugget in the WebKit 5 year plan 😃💯

  22. Let's Encrypt certificates have ninety-day lifetimes: - so happy to see this! automation ftw.

  23. Currently reading @beep ’s Responsive Design Patterns and Principles book. Much RWD insight in there. 🔜@abookapart

  24. Adding a 3D Glasses effect to images with #CSS blend modes by @Una ::💁—the whole series is 👌

  25. top image

    mobile tech support.

  26. I speak in a half hour. Play it safe, or go full Aerosmith?

  27., a collection of case studies demonstrating the impact of—and need for—performance optimization.

  28. Watch what happens when you ask non-creative professionals to work for free. #nospec via @PhotographyBay

  29. Wrote a long blog post about User Timing & custom metrics w/ examples. We have to move away from window.onload.

  30. I was asked, “What’s your favorite thing you’ve made for the web?” I know they meant websites, but it’s probably:

  31. Watch What Happens When You Ask Non-Creative Professionals to Work for Free via @zeldman —Designers, watch this one.

  32. The emotion recognition API of #ProjectOxford is pretty awesome

  33. This piece has said what has been going on in my mind all day today. Give a couple of minutes to read it.

  34. - Floating points in various languages.

  35. The Many Faces of Mobile First @holgerbart touched on the buzzword "mobile first" in theory and in practice #ffcph

  36. some thoughts on impact of blockchains on privacy:

  37. The best demo you’ll see all day:

  38. 20 independent magazines every “creative" should have on their coffee table.

  39. Microsoft nodejs guidelines

  40. Integrating stateful thinking” into your design process. The Nine States of Design — Medium

  41. Use by @bram_stein to test your typography. #dsgnday

  42. Portuguese Street Artist Creates Stunning 3D Graffiti That Seems To Float In The Air

  43. Hahaha, A/A testing: (via @stephenhay) #dsgnday

  44. Some great #design articles collected by @WalterStephanie this week ::

  45. Also, elevator.js is still one of my favorite things on the Internet:

  46. Well, it is an emoji party💩💪🏽🐴🌎🍄

  47. I have no words…

  48. More wanton privacy violation. SilverPush uses “Audio Beacons” for cross-device snooping.

  49. You really should read this today #geekmentalhelp

  50. Cool to see @tinymce pimp out their @CodePen profile (and provide a bunch of configuration demos)

  51. I just turned my favourite quote in conversations at #futuredecoded yesterday into a slide.

  52. Gauntlet in JavaScript - - OMG I played that to death back then. "players can now stun other players"

  53. @jessitron on the dangers of overcomplicating our dev environment.

  54. Beautiful, truthful, first-person account of last night from the comparative safety of a Parisian dinner party.

  55. Math drool stuff

  56. This is the first article I ever wrote about #CSS Shapes. Great seeing it get some love again. ^_^

  57. “Not so micro optimizations” by @cramforce - all the things AMP does under the hood.

  58. If Architects Had To Work Like Web Designers

  59. Need HTML Prototyping Resources? Here's My List.

  60. Colin Harman: How Would You Like Your Graphic Design -- Fast, Cheap or Good? Pick Two.

  61. Good read. Corporations and OSS don't mix: (h/t @smashingmag)

  62. - overview of browser APIs by @rumyra - needs more content.

  63. The Ten Lines CSS Challenge: National Debt via @CodePen

  64. ✎ Stop writing REST APIs from scratch. @alistapart sponsor DreamFactory is the open-source API platform you need:

  65. Lots of folks ask about internationalization in Polymer. Taking a look at it today on #AskPolymer. Check it out.

  66. I wrote to my MP about this, pointing out the inevitable hack & leak of innocent people's browsing history

    Open Rights Group on Twitter

    #SnoopersCharter V5—email your MP and ask new powers to be dropped, GCHQ to be reined in: #IPB

  67. Created a category for Promise-based blog posts. Lots more to come!

  68. Movie posters in motion:

  69. So, you’re getting harassed on the internet. What do you do now?

  70. Debugging transitions is always a fun mental exercise and this one had a pleasing solution. #d3js

  71. Just digging into the details of @sproutvideo’s responsive site, and loving it:

  72. Well, Andy and Alice, that's sweet, but…

  73. Let me get this straight: in 2015, a company came up with a new, creepy tracking product and called it "PRISM"?!?!:

  74. As always in times of trouble, I find solace in the good book...

  75. Peering Into The Minds Of The 4.3 Billion Unconnected. What does "sign up" mean? What's that X on the top right?

  76. I'm a broken record, I know, but I consider this another point for the web:

  77. We're getting ready to ship our Perch Ecommerce solution, close enough to share the v1 feature list so here it is

  78. Just released v0.2.0 of react-fetcher. Now supports data fetching for a single component at a time:

  79. The Infographic: What Are Your UX Organizational Challenges?

  80. The best demo you’ll see all day:

  81. Gauntlet in JavaScript- level maps and data and behind the scenes

  82. Submit tough questions for Chrome's leadership - they're the ones I enjoy asking the most. Don't hold back.

  83. Apple News during a terror attack in Paris

  84. Firefox Developer Edition Memory Tool via @YouTube

  85. An example of the lengths advertisers will go to track your behaviour, something they want very, very badly.

  86. I wrote this post with the phenomenal @OBMich.

  87. Sorry, viewing this image requires a Twitter Gold account.

  88. This Google router just went plaid—most I’ve ever gotten with Apple, Asus, etc. is 80mbps.

  89. 50 Female Tech Influencers You Need To Follow on Twitter

  90. UX for Lean Startups, a Great Resource for Founders and New Designers

  91. That @dudleystorey with randomness recipes in JavaScript - misses "post any code on Stackoverflow, ask for advice"


  93. PSA: don't use gradient generators by @anatudor

  94. opening a talk about CSS Grid, Flexbox, the Box Alignment Module with some really dodgy old code in this video

  95. I put an ad on lodash's docs. Since volunteers for its site/doc redesign have been hard to come by this may fund it.

  96. Debugging HTML5 on #XboxOne / MS Edge with the Xbox Store app and #Vorlonjs:

  97. Built an interactive workshop tool for my ES6 session in Bristol tomorrow:

  98. Looks like someone over at Inc liked my interview and decided to write about it:

  99. Is Usability on Mobile Getting Worse?

  100. I'm at #SNDmakes this weekend buildin' community tools.

  101. I found two 1969 newspapers covering the moon landing.

  102. Oh @TheSun you despicable, horrid and terrible arsemuffins...

  103. A damp visitor.

  104. current status.

  105. SHOCKING: @JCutrell comes out as a white, conservative male at #SassConf2015! GASP! 😱😅😚👍❤️

  106. Windows Update and chill?

  107. @SaraSoueidan I imagine the 93 people who disliked the video are people who would ask other people for spec work,eh?

  108. Logo time travel at Yahoo…