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  1. top link

    We built both mobile first responsive apps within our 6^5th constraints for performance:

  2. In which @aerotwist investigates the cost of popular JavaScript frameworks on mobile:

  3. Instant loading web apps possible with Service Worker & an Application Shell architecture 🔥

  4. "One app download for every one thousand web views."

  5. Let’s not forget the beautiful people of Lebanon today.

  6. JavaScript Frameworks and Mobile Performance: My response to

  7. Tools for a better Windows command-line setup in the new #TotallyToolingTips 🔥🔧

  8. Tips for Creating and Exporting Better SVGs for the Web by @SaraSoueidan

  9. top image

    .@ChromeDevTools refreshed Device Mode: streamlined navigation bar above viewport. Putting mobile front and centre:

  10. We just announced a new policy: 6 months 100% paid parental leave for all new parents. Pretty sweet.

  11. new Google+ is here, with massive perf improvements: - responsive, fast, and jank free.

  12. Before home page weight: 22,600 KB After: 327 KB And a much richer set of UI animations, transitions, & more.

  13. ♛ Responsive times two: essential new books by Ethan Marcotte & Karen McGrane.

  14. Animating an SVG Menu Icon with Segment | Codrops

  15. my Mobile Design & Data collection:

  16. Buy my new book with @karenmcgrane’s WONDERFUL “Going Responsive”, and save up to 20% off:

  17. The ServiceWorker Cookbook: Practical, detailed examples!

  18. Yes. that's a bottom tab bar on Android in an app from Google.

  19. not all your screens need all your nav.

  20. Excited to release—a site by me & @tameverts to make it easier to find info showing the importance of performance.

  21. Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC | Ars Technica

  22. The fact that ISIS are also killing Muslims is just extra proof of that.

  23. Responsive design for iOS apps please:

  24. There is a client-side proxy (ServiceWorker) in your browser! video:, slides: #velocityconf

  25. Web Design & Development News: Collective #194 | Codrops

  26. Look at this. Just LOOK AT IT! 👉 #SVG animations taken to the next level, w/ audio. 😍 Tut:

  27. Delivering instant apps with an "application shell architecture": - this is big. must read.

  28. “in client services if I deliver a site that is super fast but impossible to maintain, I have failed at my job”

  29. How MPEG1 works, and decoding it with JS - great talk by @phoboslab, one of the best I saw this year

  30. A nice, fresh alternative to the "Fork me on GitHub" ribbons:

  31. Drupal 8 is released today. Congratulations to all those involved!

  32. Too many devs disable zoom on mobile. So we put "force enable zoom" in Opera beta/ Android

  33. The latest Edge release increases its ES6 adoption to 90% (84% w/o flags)

  34. How to maintain product UX consistency? @HannahCDesign shows how to employ atomic design in @sketchapp. AWESOME!

  35. Blueprint: Multi-Level Menu | Codrops

  36. ✩ Get more nuanced color in your designs. Mixing Color With Sass. @revoltpuppy @alistapart

  37. What are skeleton screens you ask?

  38. Microsoft open sourced their "Visual Studio Code" editor: - neat.

  39. Legofy your images with retina support using SVG.

  40. This wee bit o’ magic is how D3 4.0 will render paths to both Canvas and SVG:

  41. ES2015 default function parameters landed in Chrome Canary - set default parameter values in JS function signatures:

  42. Dynamic/responsive SVG typography/lettering Source: h/t @zachleat

  43. Signature-to-PNG

  44. If you’re confused too, this article explains <g>, <use>, <symbol> and <defs>

  45. Some Inspiration for Pricing Tables | Codrops

  46. Writing CSS on Growing Teams: a clear process will help your team write strong, modular CSS together.

  47. Performance is design. v @foobartel For more, read @lara_hogan's excellent book: #ffcph

  48. Coming in #d3js 4.0: Canvas shapes (e.g., line, arc) and better splines (e.g., centripetal Catmull–Rom):

  49. Segment is a small (<2kb) dependency-free JS library for animating #SVG paths (line drawing effects) by @lmgonzalves

  50. next up at Chrome Dev Summit.. I'll be talking about real user measurement + RAIL: - tune in now! like, now now :-)

  51. The new responsive site for @webstock is a thing of beauty. Full stop.

  52. Check out this little nugget in the WebKit 5 year plan 😃💯

  53. Visual Studio Code extension for Ionic - debugging and Intellisense support

  54. Voice, Exit, or Do nothing. This post by @lara_hogan is incredible.

  55. So you want to be a front-end developer

  56., a collection of case studies demonstrating the impact of—and need for—performance optimization.

  57. Pretty classy flexbox-based application design ::

  58. Let's Encrypt certificates have ninety-day lifetimes: - so happy to see this! automation ftw.

  59. Did a lightning talk on the idea of shape morphing at #SNDmakes Slides:

  60. Super awesome to see style guides are a core focus for the next version of Foundation by Zurb:

  61. (If you've read CSS-Tricks…) I was hoping to gather some anonymous and public data on who you are ::

  62. First extension installed in @code - ESLINT✔ - - thanks Dirk Bäumer and @slicknet

  63. Friday's required watching: @SaraSoueidan's SVG in motion at #ffconf massive SVG knowledge drop.

  64. Another monday, another #funfunfunction episode: "Growth stages of a programmer"

    The growth stages of a programmer - FunFunFunction #6

    Full script here: This video is a complete and utter ripoff of a Quora answer by a spectacular former colleague of min...

  65. The web is bigger than any single browser. Incredibly exciting to see Mozilla support for Progressive Web Apps:

  66. 💯“One of Elm’s goals is to change our relationship with compilers. Compilers should be assistants, not adversaries.”

  67. It's way clever how @slides does embeds. iframe + CSS scale the guts so it fits and honors the design.

  68. Re: I always enjoyed how @autoprefixer adds the ones you need and removes the one you don't

  69. - another great article on implementing offline-first with serviceworkers

  70. spot the hobby.

  71. Adding a 3D Glasses effect to images with #CSS blend modes by @Una ::💁—the whole series is 👌

  72. Alright, this is a creative Hamburger menu animation.

  73. mobile tech support.

  74. Oh man, Silver for Sketch looks very interesting for testing some quick, inexpensive prototypes...

  75. I found *the best* gloves in The Philippines.

  76. “Your framework choice sets the performance baseline that your application code will pile on top of.” — @zachleat,

  77. TIL: HTTP/2 TLS connection-coalescing via @igrigorik

  78. I speak in a half hour. Play it safe, or go full Aerosmith?

  79. Service Workers: Dynamic Responsive Images Using WebP Images

  80. Watch what happens when you ask non-creative professionals to work for free. #nospec via @PhotographyBay

  81. Animation tip: Lerp (by @rachsmithtweets)

  82. (how to) quantify and improve real-world RAIL: - quick tour of perf API's we've been working on over the last year.

  83. Wrote a long blog post about User Timing & custom metrics w/ examples. We have to move away from window.onload.

  84. "Respect users' privacy, bandwidth, and intelligence, flatter their vanity, and maybe theyll subscribe to something"

  85. Improved my google cardboard

  86. "This is simple, just use this NPM package and start your server…"

  87. I was asked, “What’s your favorite thing you’ve made for the web?” I know they meant websites, but it’s probably:

  88. Watch What Happens When You Ask Non-Creative Professionals to Work for Free via @zeldman —Designers, watch this one.

  89. Modern Java - A Guide to Java 8:

  90. Showing magnitude with squares arranged by powers of ten. #d3js

  91. ✎ The erasure of web design history continues with the awkward deprecation of Photoshop’s “Save For Web.”

  92. The emotion recognition API of #ProjectOxford is pretty awesome

  93. This piece has said what has been going on in my mind all day today. Give a couple of minutes to read it.

  94. - Floating points in various languages.

  95. Cool to see @tinymce pimp out their @CodePen profile (and provide a bunch of configuration demos)

  96. The Many Faces of Mobile First @holgerbart touched on the buzzword "mobile first" in theory and in practice #ffcph

  97. some thoughts on impact of blockchains on privacy:

  98. If you want to analyse a cool retro game: Gauntlet.js is on GitHub and explained here #jsconfasia

  99. If you're seeking self-documenting API utopia, this is close: 1. hapi.js 2. route validation w/ Joi 3. hapi-swagger

  100. The best demo you’ll see all day:

  101. 20 independent magazines every “creative" should have on their coffee table.

  102. Progressive Web Apps: @slightlylate is a hero.

  103. Grid Alignment Properties Visualisation ::

  104. “If you’re old enough to remember Kai’s Power Tools, there’s a Drop Shadow in your closet.”

  105. Microsoft nodejs guidelines

  106. Who says they don't make 'em like they used to? Introducing the U.S. Trademark Office's new website.

  107. Integrating stateful thinking” into your design process. The Nine States of Design — Medium

  108. Some great #design articles collected by @WalterStephanie this week ::

  109. @jessitron on the dangers of overcomplicating our dev environment.

  110. Got any burning questions about the future of Polymer? We'll answer them live at #chromedevsummit!

  111. CSS colour names are amazing - here's a game to learn about them :) #jsconfasia #cssconfasia

  112. Use by @bram_stein to test your typography. #dsgnday

  113. Looking for people with low-vision using magnifier (zoomtext/other) in the US for 1hr remote usability testing $75

  114. Here's the manifest generator that @sil and I made (it's beta), mentioned by @andreasbovens at #chromedevsummit

  115. Web Notifications API

  116. Opera made 4400 upstreamed commits to Chromium, 3474 to Blink, shown by @andreasbovens at #chromedevsummit

  117. Portuguese Street Artist Creates Stunning 3D Graffiti That Seems To Float In The Air

  118. Hahaha, A/A testing: (via @stephenhay) #dsgnday

  119. Gauntlet in JavaScript - - OMG I played that to death back then. "players can now stun other players"

  120. Pretty impressed with @aerotwist's BigRig. Super useful! #chromedevsummit

  121. CSS blend modes are awesome. <3

  122. Tina Reeves, creator of the "Close UK's Borders" petition, being interviewed in her home … in Spain. Bless.

  123. Also, elevator.js is still one of my favorite things on the Internet:

  124. At #fronteers15 I talked about Grid, Flexbox and Box Alignment. Video and all my code examples #cssgrid #flexbox

  125. New: Completed the chapter on Destructuring in Understanding ECMAScript 6:

  126. Best thing about browser competition is that we, developers, end up getting the best tools.

  127. Acid Techno in the browser - @padenot's live code and slides from #jsconfasia

  128. More wanton privacy violation. SilverPush uses “Audio Beacons” for cross-device snooping.

  129. Grav: Building Fast and Flexible Websites by @getgrav

  130. If you use Photoshop in your SVG workflow, @danielmall 's article includes some workflow tips for you too ::

  131. Excellent talk by @guypod on HTTPS -

  132. Well, it is an emoji party💩💪🏽🐴🌎🍄

  133. I have no words…

  134. Rock! VS Code is open sourced y'all –

  135. and now back to your regularly scheduled programming. The Cost of Frameworks Recap ::

  136. *twitch* *grumble*

  137. You really should read this today #geekmentalhelp

  138. ♛ Software is politics: or, the seeming disappearance of Save For Web from Photoshop—at

  139. I asked @lrnrd if she could continue her talk on diversity in tech. This is "A Talk About *Everything*" So good 💜

  140. I just turned my favourite quote in conversations at #futuredecoded yesterday into a slide.

  141. So, so, so happy about the progress bar in NPM 3

  142. I'm not sure who is actually coding Endless Sky, but it's an A++++ space game done fully open source on Github!

  143. Incomplete picture. More interesting to compare total app size—framework apps have less code than "vanilla" apps.

  144. Ops: a developer's guide by @annashipman at #ffconf this year. Virtualisation, containers, servers and pro tips:

  145. Five Things You Should Do to Be a Great UX Designer

  146. Woo, react-fetcher just hit 100 stars in GitHub:

  147. Anonymous to ISIS: "Expect massive cyber attacks. War is declared. Get prepared."

  148. Promises explained by @davidwalshblog - "in the wild" section an unused and two planned APIs

  149. Design team structure and how it fits with product teams. This presentation from @peterme is worth your time:

  150. Regarding managing the folder structure of components at scale, I use @ryanflorence's approach: #cssconfasia

  151. Let’s learn how to use JavaSCript responsibly and stay up-to-date.: via @YouTube

  152. My slides and screencasts of today's #jsconfasia and #devfestasia talks - JavaScript, @code and node/express :)

  153. [Archive] An Overview of #SVG Sprite Creation Techniques

  154. Beautiful, truthful, first-person account of last night from the comparative safety of a Parisian dinner party.

  155. Got to love that Pornhub runs a SFW data analysis blog and explain their traffic effect of the Fallout 4 release

  156. Want to ask the Chrome leadership questions at the Chrome Dev Summit? Here's your chance:

  157. The best demo you’ll see all day:

  158. Oh wow, @BrendanEich's new company managed to get @bcrypt - that sounds intriguing

  159. When you fix a critical bug on a new project and the code review is brutal.

  160. Math drool stuff

  161. This is the first article I ever wrote about #CSS Shapes. Great seeing it get some love again. ^_^

  162. If Architects Had To Work Like Web Designers

  163. Submit tough questions for Chrome's leadership - they're the ones I enjoy asking the most. Don't hold back.

  164. Microsoft and will use Minecraft to teach kids the basics of computer programming

  165. The ability to write clearly about complex technical topics is such a rare gift. Well done, @thejameskyle.

  166. Unencrypted smartphone likely used by Paris attacker reveals messages were sent in the clear over SMS

  167. That's a very happy woman with a very happy goat.

  168. A message for all senior management teams.

  169. “Not so micro optimizations” by @cramforce - all the things AMP does under the hood.

  170. Slides for my #cssconfasia talk on CSS Modules, "The End of Global CSS":

  171. *sigh* …and instead I used native apps on my phone with unfettered access to my contacts data and location.

  172. In a hugely amusing podcast @gerrymcgovern describes most intranets as a nuclear wasteland

  173. Six Things User Experience Designers Forget When They Criticize Websites

  174. "After Endless Demonization Of Encryption, Police Find Paris Attackers Coordinated Via Unencrypted SMS"

  175. ⇛ So excited! Live taping @thebigwebshow with @bigmediumjosh in 5 minutes! @abookapart

  176. Paul Lewis answers the question of "which framework should we use...based on data?" at #ffconf

  177. Rdio: $1.5M from subscriptions, $150K from ads. $4M ops expenses/month - $220M in debt before bankruptcy

  178. Need HTML Prototyping Resources? Here's My List.

  179. The Ten Lines CSS Challenge: National Debt via @CodePen

  180. A11y Rocks – the album! I go into hard sell mode

  181. London based developers: this Thursday, let's meet the in a pub to tell us what Windows is missing - come all :)

  182. Father and Son have the most precious conversation about Paris attacks (... via @YouTube

  183. Okay now that y'all have tweeted your <3 out about women leaving tech, support a couple of women in tech:

  184. "JavaScript that doesn’t hurt your feelings"—I asked for a grumpy German's view on ES6 at #ffconf. Thanks @rmehner 💛

  185. Using the iPad as a second display thanks to @duetdisplay — quite a handy app.

  186. All the @ffconf videos are already on YouTube. - go and watch!

  187. How to improve your website’s accessibility without going crazy

  188. #uxdrinkinggame When someone says, "I think we need to test this on real users," buy the bar

  189. Celebrating not doing work today.

  190. When someone starts telling me it's unfair that "the rest of America" supports the urban poor

  191. Colin Harman: How Would You Like Your Graphic Design -- Fast, Cheap or Good? Pick Two.

  192. Good read. Corporations and OSS don't mix: (h/t @smashingmag)

  193. - overview of browser APIs by @rumyra - needs more content.

  194. Introducing EdgeHTML 13, our first platform update for Microsoft Edge - I am so excited about a[download]

  195. 3D WebGL engine Goo Engine (which powers Goo Create) goes open source <3 <3 <3

  196. What even is Vanilla JS these days?

  197. Service Worker Cookbook, by those nice peeps at Mozilla (HT @stopsatgreen)

  198. I'm not a Craftsman.

  199. Yep. "Why I don’t answer most phone calls." (via @chriswallace)

  200. God, I love that canvas gives you pixel-level access to images - wrote in detail about that here: #jsconfasia

  201. ✎ Stop writing REST APIs from scratch. @alistapart sponsor DreamFactory is the open-source API platform you need:

  202. Lots of folks ask about internationalization in Polymer. Taking a look at it today on #AskPolymer. Check it out.

  203. Your Unhashable Fingerprints Secure Nothing Yay, just after I bought a fingerprint-opened phone.

  204. My talk from #ffconf is out! The version where I persuaded a room of developers that mobile #a11y is important:

  205. Some interesting new Front End / UI jobs… @CrateandBarrel, @GoRebelMail, @RiskMatch, and many more

  206. Web and IoT are a match made in heaven. This is the missing piece: Unless you want 50 “smart X” apps installed.

  207. Senior UX Designer wanted, to work on Opera for Android with my jolly nice boss @andreasbovens tell 'em I sent you.

  208. #uxdrinkinggame If they're looking for a "UI/UX designer," drink

  209. Convert any HTML web page to SVG for editing in Sketch/Illustrator: (via @aexmo)

  210. “Mobile App Developers are Suffering” by @illustriousalex - great rebuttal of the "native beats web"

  211. This is awesome. Love these folks.

  212. Awww yeaaaahh..... #chromedevsummit @ThePhysicalWeb SO excited about this!

  213. Creepy bullshit guy was bothering daughter on FB. She asked me to take over. (I then phoned him)

  214. I wrote to my MP about this, pointing out the inevitable hack & leak of innocent people's browsing history

    Open Rights Group on Twitter

    #SnoopersCharter V5—email your MP and ask new powers to be dropped, GCHQ to be reined in: #IPB

  215. Created a category for Promise-based blog posts. Lots more to come!

  216. Excited to check out @karenmcgrane's new book and @beep's new book about responsive design !

  217. ✎ Looking for Love: Standing Out from the Crowd of Web Job Seekers. An @AListApart Column by @zeldman #askdrweb

  218. I have a new phone

  219. Movie posters in motion:

  220. So, you’re getting harassed on the internet. What do you do now?

  221. Debugging transitions is always a fun mental exercise and this one had a pleasing solution. #d3js

  222. Just digging into the details of @sproutvideo’s responsive site, and loving it:

  223. Oh god, all these libraries /cc @jemimah_knight - let's go!

  224. Tips for Creating Accessible SVG

  225. Nope. Don't see how they *can* be a good idea when they are a perfect candidate for (animated) SVGs.

    Stephanie Walter on Twitter

    “A pack of GIF animated icons (still trying to figure out if this is a good idea but the icons looks really nice)”

  226. Visual Studio now supports debugging Linux apps; Code editor now open source

  227. Well, Andy and Alice, that's sweet, but…

  228. Let me get this straight: in 2015, a company came up with a new, creepy tracking product and called it "PRISM"?!?!:

  229. "How to win at mobile accessibillity" by @marcysutton - great, simple tips.

  230. Man filming vegas trip not realising the camera is the wrong way around via @YouTube

  231. In case you missed it, here’s a primer on the HTML label element and some best practices advice on using it:

  232. Now that is a photograph.

  233. Progressive Web Apps Are the Future @andreasbovens says so.

  234. If you want to show someone a node/express server without any setup, check out the Azure test server: #jsconfasia

  235. As always in times of trouble, I find solace in the good book...

  236. I'm ashamed to share a country with these spineless, racist cowards.

  237. Bar is open. So.many.puns #jsconfasia

  238. This is no joke, is it? :| @smashingmag

  239. Peering Into The Minds Of The 4.3 Billion Unconnected. What does "sign up" mean? What's that X on the top right?

  240. I'm a broken record, I know, but I consider this another point for the web:

  241. We're getting ready to ship our Perch Ecommerce solution, close enough to share the v1 feature list so here it is

  242. I wrote this post with the phenomenal @OBMich.

  243. Onward Search: UX Jobs Salary Guide

  244. Cool will have local mobile phones with prepaid SIM cards for speakers. That's a lovely service.

  245. We talked with @lydialaurenson, @toddo, and @smashingmag about… 🙅Ad Blockers 🙅

  246. Oooh! and could take grind out of whipping up working Service Worker. #chromeDevSummit

  247. Six Things Misunderstood About User Experience Designers

  248. Thinking about boxing, strings & symbols: line.interpolate("cardinal") or linear.interpolate(interpolateRgb)?

  249. "What country are you from?" "The US" "You look the actor Chuck Norris."

  250. The Infographic: What Are Your UX Organizational Challenges?

  251. The best demo you’ll see all day:

  252. The power of props in cinema:

  253. Stop! This is important! Politicians given man bun hair styles

  254. If you are thinking about what Cloud to use, I present you this turnaround time as evidence ♥ @stephenplusplus

  255. “Safe isn’t what the web needs now.” Preorder 2nd Edition of Andy Clarke’s classic, Hardboiled Web Design. @Malarkey

  256. I am no designer but I seriously want this little book (by @hypefortype)—so much beautiful type in there. <3

  257. Apple News during a terror attack in Paris

  258. National Geographic photographers

  259. This ad using fixed background position caught my attention. Seemed like a simple and effective approach.

  260. Firefox Developer Edition Memory Tool via @YouTube

  261. An example of the lengths advertisers will go to track your behaviour, something they want very, very badly.

  262. Meritocracy is Almost as Real as this Unicorn via @missrogue

  263. Awesome summary of the framework vs not debate by @davatron5000. It’s a judgment call; data should inform not drive!

  264. Issue 16 of CSS Layout News is here with responsive design, Susy, SVG and Grid Alignment links #css

  265. #uxdrinkinggame If there is no documented strategy on design, drink

  266. Love this. The open device lab at @clearleft. @adactio

  267. Countries that weren't even attacked giving in to dangerous racism. Meanwhile France shows us how it should be done.

  268. Historians Politely Remind Nation To Check What's Happened In Past Before Making Any Big Decisions via @theonion

  269. Sorry, viewing this image requires a Twitter Gold account.

  270. This Google router just went plaid—most I’ve ever gotten with Apple, Asus, etc. is 80mbps.

  271. The airport check-in touch screens showed all my info in a "Windows phone" frame. Bizarre! #mobilefirst

  272. 50 Female Tech Influencers You Need To Follow on Twitter

  273. UX for Lean Startups, a Great Resource for Founders and New Designers

  274. That @dudleystorey with randomness recipes in JavaScript - misses "post any code on Stackoverflow, ask for advice"


  276. The Top Six Tips on How to Be a Great Web Designer

  277. Vizio is selling your viewing data, collected by TVs with tracking on by default, and possibly connected to your IP

  278. VR Guitar - using LeapMotion

  279. Frequent guest author @LandonSchropp ’s Unraveling Flexbox book now comes with videos!

  280. ECMAScript 6: holes in Arrays

  281. updated touch/pointer tracker demo with radiusX, radiusY, rotationAngle, force

  282. It boggles my mind that organisations pay ridiculous sums for a CMS when there are such good open source solutions.

  283. Wired: I Turned Off JavaScript for a Whole Week and It Was Glorious via @scottjehl

  284. Been a small part of this, happy people like it!

  285. Quite an amazing amount of new features in Visual Studio Code v0.10.1 - including editor extensions!

  286. Slides for my talk this afternoon at #jsconfasia - no peeking if you are here:

  287. Please back @mrb_bk and @aq's pizza book so I can learn how to make pizza. Without pizza, I may die. 🍕💀

  288. "Chromium Blog:Chrome Dev Summit 2015: That’s a wrap!": via @ChromiumDev

  289. Good size screen, two USB ports, champagne and leg room. This is economy plus at @British_Airways - others can learn

  290. Uber has cars in french colours today in the app

  291. Less appealing seasonal drinks

  292. Wow cannot believe Brandon Ike the creator of Java is here to give a talk!

  293. opening a talk about CSS Grid, Flexbox, the Box Alignment Module with some really dodgy old code in this video

  294. I put an ad on lodash's docs. Since volunteers for its site/doc redesign have been hard to come by this may fund it.

  295. Blogography: Visual Designers Are Just as Important as UX Designers

  296. My #AMAHigherEd talk on rebuilding an Admissions web presence is up. Looking fwd to sharing at 2p

  297. This week’s podcast is full of SCIENCE: @el_skootro and @dirtystylus talk to us about @scifri’s responsive redesign:

  298. Absolutely agreed. Getting great performance out of frameworks on mobile is a critical problem.

    keith•j•grant on Twitter

    “@tomdale I think "sticking with Vanilla JS" isn't a practical solution for most of us. But this still raises an issue we need to think about”

  299. "Those who mock the idea of safe space are most likely the same people who are able to take safety for granted."

  300. I played to @wordridden and, well, now she has a new favourite band.

  301. Really proud to live in Washington, a state with compassion. @GovInslee you rock. #refugeeswelcome

  302. All the #Fronteers15 videos are available. And EVERY SINGLE ONE of them has ME in it!

  303. Hey Render Conf (previously jQueryUK) has officially launched. Check the lineup and talks out! 😊

  304. If you struggle with regular expressions, you should check out this tool.

  305. Ingenious, simple way to tell people about the password of your WiFi

  306. Touching the names. Autumn in New York: Reflecting Pool at One World Trade.

  307. Your argument is invalid

  308. Debugging HTML5 on #XboxOne / MS Edge with the Xbox Store app and #Vorlonjs:

  309. Built an interactive workshop tool for my ES6 session in Bristol tomorrow:

  310. Looks like someone over at Inc liked my interview and decided to write about it:

  311. Is Usability on Mobile Getting Worse?

  312. I'm at #SNDmakes this weekend buildin' community tools.

  313. A Grid Alignment Properties Visualisation by @AbhishekSachan3

  314. Applying Flexbox to the Video Player by @laurakalbag

  315. Did I mention that @SaraSoueidan worked on the @stuff_nonsense header?

  316. DOMDocument and UTF-8 Problem

  317. Now these look very, very good:

  318. I was just asked to merge my own PR….

  319. Blogged about my experience at @SND #SNDMakes

  320. I just huffduffed my three thousandth piece of audio. That’s a lorra lorra listening.

  321. Overboard.js - where are we going with with jsconfasia / devfestasia: via @YouTube

  322. A list of the apps in my dock, with links, for those interested ::, from right to left. Share yours in the comments?

  323. 25 apps used per month vs 100+ sites visited per month in browser, says @slightlylate at #chromedevsummit

  324. Oh @TheSun you despicable, horrid and terrible arsemuffins...

  325. Evolution of Barbie - damn, the original one had sass

  326. I found two 1969 newspapers covering the moon landing.

  327. Oh I crack myself up…

  328. These @brooklyn_js socks are giving my Slack socks a RUN for their money. Thanks @ride!

  329. A damp visitor.

  330. Went tobogganing. 😀

  331. parenting level: 100

  332. Using web inspector in Safari to inspect elements on a web page open on an iOS device.

  333. The sun came out and a new @ffconf shirt arrived in the mail. Rock on! (Thanks @Julieanne and @rem)

  334. current status.

  335. I'll be in Sydney next week. This is not helping!!!

  336. And sometimes you unexpectedly find yourself at rare whiskey tastings. #RaiseTheMacallan

  337. Broke down and took @jedschmidt's advice and picked up a down jacket from Uniqlo. OMG IT'S SO LIGHT AND WARM.

  338. SHOCKING: @JCutrell comes out as a white, conservative male at #SassConf2015! GASP! 😱😅😚👍❤️

  339. Roaming cost in Singapore. This means loading the average web site would cost the same as a cinema ticket.

  340. Windows Update and chill?

  341. Yesterday was a good day for the #dirtSkirt. AKA bike clothing laundry day, 'cause I rode my new wheels all weekend!

  342. Using developer tools in Chrome to inspect elements on a web page open on an Android device.

  343. @SaraSoueidan I imagine the 93 people who disliked the video are people who would ask other people for spec work,eh?

  344. Logo time travel at Yahoo…

  345. Time for the final @ClearleftIntern presentation—exciting!

  346. Stats like these. No wonder nobody reads your blog!

  347. Also, both logo and banner image are #SVG. #svgftw

  348. Firefox ad in a game. Didn't see that coming. And I already have it installed

  349. “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”